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This is the process of promoting your business online to achieve better search engine rankings for industry relevant and targeted key phrases or keywords. In regards to what you may have heard or been approached with, Pearshape Multimedia can clarify that there is no software package or process which can automate the search engine optimisation process and all our optimisation work is hand-coded bespoke to your marketing requirements.

Large search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms, keeping web designers and SEO specialists on their toes. No one search engine 'looks' at a web page in the same way.
Search engines use 'spiders' or 'robots' to crawl the web looking for new pages and information to index each page. If the page is not written in a way that these algorithms can read then the potential of a listing is lost.

We believe in making your web site better optimised than your competitors' to achieve better ranking. We offer you comprehensive SEO which will cover all aspects to achieve the best positions across the major search engines and traffic sources on the web.

... Yes but what does this mean??

SEO is the process of optimising the HTML coding and page content of a web site for both the search engines and site visitors in order to attain higher rankings than competing industry web sites. This shall bring about an increase in qualified quality traffic and generate more customer enquiries that ultimately will convert to sales. People that come or arrive to your web site via the search engines are highly likely than not to be in the market or looking to be involved in the market for your products and services - FACT.

Your search engine listing will only be visible to the end user of an internet search engine if they search for products or service that match yours. Search engine marketing is the key to a successful web site that will enable potential customers to see a web site

People who search actively for your products or services are qualified prospects who have already made the decision to buy! Having the best looking site designs won't give your business any extra benefits if it can't be found by a search engine.

Each page has to be content rich, optimised to be search engine friendly and should be easily found by potential customers using relevant search terms. Search engine optimisation can do all of this for you.

Search Engine optimisation is a vast topic and considerations as to domain, type of hosting, coding of a robots.txt, meta tags, author information, keyword placement, content, page descriptor, title, headings, usage of frames and image names all have to be taken in to account. We will implement, to the best of our knowledge, the most comprehensive solution available at the time of undertaking.

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